Sunday, September 11, 2011

Garage Sales and Farmer's Market

My Saturday winnings this week were a Little People zoo set and two kid's lawn chairs for a grand total of $7. We did our usual morning cookie run and hit the farmer's market, stocking up on a whole pile of favorites since the market is ending soon and we won't be able to go next week. Sunday we hit Office Depot for Pre-School Supplies and CVS for a stack of household supplies. We are pretty stocked except for paper products and milk.

Friday, September 9, 2011

I Got My Life Back

Maybe I'll actually have time to blog again now that circumstances at work are no longer hell and my home is gradually starting to look less like a disaster depot.

Accomplishments Today:
- free dinner from office bbq
- rescued a bunch of food from the office bbq that was going to go to waste, socked it away in the fridge and freezer
- 20-min kitchen cleanup and 20-min living room/dining room clean up with all 3 of my wonderful helpers

Home Finances Work:
- updated our budget status with and reviewed progress against goals (evaluation: pretty darn good, except that the economy is dragging against our net worth goal, and our dinners-out, SBUX habits from the past few months has put us way over in the "entertainment" category
- reviewed various deal sites, decided to subscribe to the zootles animal magazine for the girls for two years -- referrer link if you must know :) -- make sure you dig up a coupon code from RetailMeNot if you go for the deal, save an extra 15%. Also, make sure you pick a school to send a bonus 5% of your purchase. Parent Coop for Early Learning in Chicago, IL is a good choice ;)
- convinced myself that since we're not really out of anything and have a jam-packed-full fridge and freezers, plus fruit & vegetable boxes to pick up today, we don't need to do any shopping this weekend and we can stay home.

Next tasks:
- meal plan for the next week
- clean up back entry and front entry
- make some homemade tortillas, because they're yummy