Monday, May 18, 2009

Nacho Rice

Since my daughter was born, my cooking habits have turned upside-down. I've tried to come up with recipes that are still fancy schmancy, but which I could make quickly. At the same time, we've been trying to save money and eat healthy. Some of the dishes I've come up with are a little less fancy than others...some a little less quick....some a little less cheap....some a little less healthy (see below!)...but so far I think we are striking a good balance.

A nice addition to your nacho/taco/dinner:

1 box of rice a roni 'four cheese'
1 little can of roasted chilis (mild kind)
1/2 C tomato juice (drained from a can of diced tomatoes)

Easy as can be, just make the rice a roni the way it tells you to on the box, but add the chilis and tomato juice with the water. The chilis give it a bit of zip, the tomato adds a little depth. Yummy!

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