Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cara Cara Chicken, Homemade Bread, and Salad

Dinner tonight was easy and delicious -- a roasted chicken covered in herbs and slices of cara cara oranges, some slices of homemade bread with honey or butter, and some salad right from the box with poppyseed dressing and crumbled blue cheese. I actually ended up cooking with two oranges and slicing two of them up for eating. Maybe it is just my mood or diet right now, or maybe Cara Cara oranges are something special....whatever it is, they really hit the spot tonight. Who needs dessert when you can eat these fab oranges?

I had considered making something a little more complex (an orange sauce, some smashed potatoes) but the napless wonder turned into a late napping, please-don't-put-me-down snuggler and I just let it all go....and I can't say I regret it a bit. She is not normally clingy, but tonight she had some needs and that's ok. I have days like that myself. And, hey, dinner was fab anyway. We ate it all up, and the baby loved the chicken, the oranges, and the bread -- I had to go back for seconds because she ate so much of my first helping. Sometimes she is a little funny about eating meat that isn't ground up or cut very small, but she ate quite a bit of chicken right from my plate with no problems.

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