Saturday, January 30, 2010

Meal plan for 1/31/10-2/6/10

Edited to mark what we've consumed so far

** means it's a quick meal, meant to be made M/Tu/Fri
means try to make this in advance
  • bacon-wrapped pounded chicken rollups of some kind
  • rack of lamb, from French cookbook
  • herb-roasted whole chicken, from p263 in make it fast**
  • red onion jam stuffed pork rib chops with port, pecans, fruit from make-ahead book just broiled them instead
  • chicken cordon bleu from p251 in make it fast book**
Also I made up some ground turkey nachos as a quick dinner (turkey and cheese was from this weekend's shopping, mixed in a diced onion, rotel, chips, barley, and corn from the stockpile, a little leftover spaghetti sauce, and some cilantro that was kicking around the fridge trying to go bad, plus some barley simmered in black bean soup, also from the stockpile). Yum! Even though the pantry challenge is officially over with, I still have a lot of stuff in my pantry. Overall, even though I love to cook and try new recipes, I am trying to keep the quality/variety up while spending less by moving toward a stock-up model for grocery shopping. Made and froze for later:
  • lasagna with ground beef and spinach
  • baked ziti with pork sausage p.226 in make-ahead cookbook -- altho I didn't end up using the pork sausage, just some meat sauce I came across in the freezer
Ideas for later:
  • chicken enchiladas, p 255 in make-ahead cookbook**
    • need tomato sauce, canned jalepenos, sharp cheddar, corn tortillas
  • jerk chicken
    • need scallions & molasses
    • p 289 in make-ahead book for marinade recipe**
  • crispy asian-flavored chicken thighs with sweet-and-sour sauce, cold sesame noodles
    • need egg noodles, sesame oil, red bell pepper, scallions
    • p 97 & 98, make-ahead cookbook
  • pork loin chops something??
  • ground pork something??
  • shrimp something??
  • chicken something??

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