Monday, January 18, 2010

Frugal Map on

I was actually going to post about this anyway, but then I noticed that she is having a giveaway to promote the new site. So, if you think the existence of a contest will color my review, skip this post :).

Anyway! This is the sort of thing I have been hoping to find for a while, and I'm glad that someone has finally done it. I have family in Texas, Georgia, Oregon, and New York, and when they are curious to understand what I'm talking about with coupons and deals and such, I can't be as helpful without local bloggers to refer folks to. Plus I am always on the lookout for more locals to keep an eye on.

The Frugal Map is a clickable map of the US which lets you view bloggers in your state. It's a simple concept, but a big benefit to people trying to save money. There are plenty of frugality blogs out there, and you would go nuts trying to follow all of them (plus they often "rebroadcast" content from one another, so there's a diminishing return after a while). Reading a local blog or three carries some additional benefits -- not only do they often highlight truly local deals or give reviews of individual franchises of big chains, but their store circulars will more often match yours. It's definitely frustrating to head to the store to collect on a great deal you just read about online, only to find that it's some kind of regional thing -- plus it can be a little disheartening to read week after week about the great deals to be had at someplace you can't possibly visit!

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