Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pot Roast

I think pot roast needs a new name. Imagine a delicious cut of beef, simmered for hours and hours in apple juice and red wine vinegar, sprinkled with peppercorns and herbs, piled up with onions and garlic and tomatoes. Kitchen-smells-wonderful, fork-tender, oh-I-want-seconds, make-sure-you-save-all-the-leftovers -- yes. "Pot roast" -- awww, do we have to call it that? Although it does bring to mind the Tom Lehrer lyric about bullfighters facing down "half a ton of angry pot roast"....I think it has a serious brand identity issue. Today's roast was sirloin tip roast -- and although I know almost nothing about cuts of meat, my sense is that sirloin tip is a better cut of meat than chuck roast, which is what I typically find at the store. I thought we might turn the rest into a chili dinner later in the week, but I'm not sure we have enough leftovers! I suppose we are fortunate to only have the two of us eating full meals -- I can't imagine how families with, say, four teenagers manage to keep enough protein in the house!

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