Saturday, January 23, 2010

Week 4 of the Pantry Challenge

The Goals:

- Only spend half our grocery budget, preferably less!
As of the end of 1/23, we've spent 42.9% of our budget, and we're 74.2% of the way through the month. Hooray! I guess we won't really hit "preferably less" but it does look like we'll come in at about half. I think we'll need to restock on milk and fruit at some point, but I don't expect to do a big shopping run. There aren't that many good deals in the papers this week, so it's hardly worth the trouble (or the risk of ruining my plans :D).
- Eat from the pantry as much as possible -- in part so that I can get it better organized.
The hardest part about this lately has been figuring out what to feed the baby. She can be a little picky, and some of the things I come up with are either saucy or spicy in a way that doesn't really work for her -- we just weren't stockpiled particularly well with toddler-friendly alternatives.
- Stick with my kitchen resolutions and boost our preparation for my maternity leave in the spring. 

    Made/froze so far:
  • 2 dozen rolls
  • Chopped carrots
  • Eggrolls
  • Beans
  • Mac & cheese for Stella's packed lunch
  • Bread -- 1 baked, 2 frozen loaves [we've now used 2 of the 3 loaves, next week we'll probably want to make more].
  • Peanut butter kiss cookies
  • applesauce [need to make even more]

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