Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Meal plan for the rest of January

We picked up our CSA delivery for the month, so it's time to plan meals for the rest of the month. I feel a little discombobulated trying to do this on a Tuesday night with no shopping planned, but I guess it does encourage me to stick with the whole pantry cooking thing.

** means it's a quick meal, meant to be made M/Tu/Fri -- may have make ahead work

  • Hot banana curry shrimp with brown rice & veggie stirfry

  • pork loin chops in apple-cream sauce

  • pot roast, using sirloin roast -- shredded beef chili with the leftovers **

  • bacon-wrapped pounced chicken rollups of some kind
  • rack of lamb, from p325 in make it fast**
  • herb-roasted whole chicken, from p263 in make it fast**
February meals
  • red onion jam stuffed pork rib chops with port, pecans, fruit
    • need red onion, orange, pecans, blue cheese
  • chicken cordon bleu from p251 in make it fast book**
    • need ham, swiss
  • lasagna with ground beef and spinach
    • need ricotta, mozzerella
    • will need to freeze spinach to prevent spoilage
  • baked ziti with pork sausage**
    • need ricotta, parmesan, ziti. p.226 in make-ahead cookbook
  • chicken enchiladas, p 255 in make-ahead cookbook**
    • need tomato sauce, canned jalepenos, sharp cheddar, corn tortillas
  • jerk chicken
    • need scallions & molasses
    • p 289 in make-ahead book for marinade recipe**
  • crispy asian-flavored chicken thighs with sweet-and-sour sauce, cold sesame noodles
    • need egg noodles, sesame oil, red bell pepper, scallions
    • p 97 & 98, make-ahead cookbook
  • pork loin chops something??
  • ground pork something??
  • shrimp something??
  • chicken something??
Apparently I am looking forward to unfettered shopping in February :). Edited to remove all mentions of needing marinara sauce...wow did I find a lot of that stuff already in my freezer today...along with things that have been in there for a long, long time. I might need a cook from the pantry challenge twice a year....!

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