Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Meal Plan Strategy

I've been struggling to adapt my preferred home-making, home-cooking, home-everything'ing style to the pace my new job is enforcing. So here's my new approach....instead of trying to write out a week or two of meals by thinking about my schedule, I'm going to start maintaining at least two weeks of possibilities, categorized by the kind of day we're having. Heh. I don't want to sound pitiful. I don't need pity, but I am actually having a hard time.

Category A: 30 minutes
Frozen taquitos + salad, chips & salsa
Frozen shrimp + stirfried veggies + instant rice pouch
Ground lamb + hummos on pita w/onions and leftover spinach dal

Category B: 60 minutes
Turkey meatloaf (ready to pop in oven)
Ravioli with whatever sauce
Homemade pizza
Turkey nachos
Steak, mushrooms & whatever

Category C: 90 minutes
Roast chicken & sauteed veggies

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