Sunday, January 30, 2011

Recipe Review + Meal plan update - 1/30/2011

Chocolate chip espresso scones. They are in fact as delicious as they sound. I am love-love-loving The Craft of Baking. The flavor is great as you'd expect, but what's fun about these is that they have an incredibly tender crumb. The key technique in the first recipe in the book (aforementioned scones) seems to be keeping the bits of butter quite cold, including sticking the bowl into the freezer in the middle of making them. I ended up having to use some extra water after putting them in the freezer for longer than the recommended 15 minutes, but they don't seem to have suffered from that at all. The recipe says they will keep in the freezer a while, so I put them into baggies for later baking. I wonder how many of the recipes in this book will be freezer-friendly. I have this fantasy now about the perpetual freezer of bakable goodies...

To prep:
- stock from How to Eat
- freezer-friendly mac & cheese in cook's country magazine
- cinnamon orange scones
- sour cherry scones
- rum raisin scones

Category A: 30 minutes
Frozen taquitos + salad, rice
Frozen shrimp + stirfried veggies + instant rice pouch
Orange chicken

Category B: 60 minutes
Ravioli with spinach & sauce
Lamb Rogan Josh
Homemade pizza
Pork cutlets something

Category C: 90 minutes
- basic roast chicken from How to Eat
- steak bearnaise from How to Eat, sauteed mushrooms & mashed potatoes
- Lasagna

Weekend Breakfast:
Cinnamon rolls



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