Friday, December 11, 2009

Day 5 of the Snowbound Cookie Challenge

It is 9:41 pm, the highly nap-resistant baby is asleep, and I am heading for the kitchen. Time to put in a little extra effort since I was so worn out last night. The "date fingers" need baking, and something else needs to at least get started, if not completed. I did discover another problem last night...I don't have enough freezer containers to freeze everything in nice little boxes. Fortunately the chili I made last night harvested a few containers out of the freezer, but I'm harkening fondly to this giant pile of freezer containers that I tossed out a few months back. Those were the days BBF...before big freezer.

Quarter after midnight (how did that happen?) but I'm all done -- date fingers were more work than I thought...they are more like date empanadas or something. My peanutbutter cookies (Joy of Cooking recipe) came out tasty but a little crumbly (maybe because they only got half an egg instead of a whole egg, or else too much flour....the recipe did warn me about too much flour....) Sweetie is finding containers for storing our goodies, and I'm having milk and cookies. Milk and peanut butter cookies. Delicious!

One note from the state of the stockpile....starting to run low on shortening. This is a good thing really...that shortening is really kinda old...but along with the low levels of granulated sugar (and my new lack of brown sugar).... The next few recipe selections will be interesting.

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