Thursday, December 24, 2009

Pre-holiday Family Cooking

This week I'm staying with my daughter, husband, mom, mom's partner, brother, sister-in-law, two nieces, and nephew. In town to join us at some meals are my husband's parents, his brother, his grandmother, my aunt and uncle, and my mom's partner's son and his wife. Usually I cook for 2 and a toddler :). Cooking for 17 instead of 3 in a tiny kitchen with tiny pans has been a bunch of fun, especially with my niece helping out every step of the way. So far, I've made:

- turkey-bacon clubs on homemade buttermilk bread, Rachel Ray style (ground turkey, bread crumbs, milk, egg, chopped bacon, browned up nicely, spread with a layer of herbed goat cheese whisked with milk and some extra herbs, served with tomato and romaine) (lunch #1)
- pork chops browned with 5 minutes/side, cooked up with sunny spain seasoning from penzey's then simmered in crushed tomato sauce with herbs, pantry beans (3 cans of beans, sauteed shallots, some honey, some vinegar, a can of green chiles, and some dribs and drabs of barbeque sauce), corn bread by my mom's recipe with some corn. (dinner #1)
- brown sugar chicken and texas tortillas grilled up as quesadillas (lunch #2)
- pumpkin pie (did my usual approximation of the recipe on the back of the pumpkin can), apple pie (no caramel sauce in my rendition), cranberry bars, rosemary bread, french bread, all to go with my Aunt Brenda's famous lasagna and a green salad. (dinner #2)

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