Thursday, December 10, 2009

Snowbound Cookie Challenge: Day 4

When I started this thing, I didn't exactly expect the sky to fill with icy snowclouds and the temps to dive below 0. This was supposed to be theoretical snowboundedness. Imaginary. Not trying-to-come-true. Ha. Ha. Ha. Funny Kaylea. Yea, well, oops. At least it's easy to find a place to cool off whatever is hot from the oven....last night's cheesecake squares chilled quite nicely in the uninsulated mudroom at the back of the house....also known as the auxiliary fridge....soon to be known as the original auxiliary freezer if this weather keeps up. I mustered up the courage to try one of the lemon squares today -- yum!!

Other projects kept me out of the kitchen until late-late-late, so I am on the hunt for something I can mix up in a bowl, toss in the fridge, and call it "progress enough for one night". And I don't even care if it has eggs in it. Nyah.

A hah. Date fingers, from the intimidatingly non-narrative and encyclopedic 1001 cookies cookbook. It calls for currants and dates....I've got raisins and prunes. But on a fast pony at midnight....who will know the difference?

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