Monday, December 14, 2009

Snowbound Cookie Challenge: Day 8

Well...chilling sugar cookie dough for 24 hours that says to chill for 2-3 hours has resulted in a hard, dried up bowl of something. Hmmmmmmm. It softened up after a zap in the microwave, but now it's wayyyyy too soft to work with....and I don't have time to wait on it to finish chilling back to a medium state. Eh, tomorrow.

I went ahead and made the fudge tarts, but my total lack of pastry mojo (and lack of granulated sugar to prevent sticking) made rolling the dough to 1/16" a silly dream. So the yield is about half what the recipe promised, and I've got a little plastic box of fudge filling for ....something. And they took 1.5 sticks of butter :/.

After a day at work where technology hated me, it's not really surprising to have an evening where cookies don't have much use for me either. Another day, another batch, I spose. The tarts are tasty but a crumbly disaster...good thing no one around here is relying on me to be a pastry chef.

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