Saturday, December 12, 2009

SCC: Day 6

Another near-napless day for a baby girl...the early signs of meltdown started up, so it's off to bed at 8:30....time for some cookie love.

Lessons & observations from today:
- Apparently my baby daughter likes peanutbutter cookies.
- All this baking keeps making me think that candied fruit, coconut, and chocolate chips should be as much a part of my stockpile as flour....sort of like working at a university raises the constant temptation to get a PhD, I suppose. Candied fruit would be cheaper, as environmental pressures go....
- I apparently do not keep a supply of waxed paper, but I probably should.

I found the (nearly) perfect recipe for my current constraints: cherry cream cheese cookies. One egg, powdered sugar, and a way to use the maraschino cherries I found while cleaning out the fridge today. I substituted sliced almonds for the coconut, and Andes mints for chocolate chips. The end results look like the best ones yet -- the overall yield was more like 4 dozen than 5.5, but that always seems to happen to me. I also ran out of topping -- hard to estimate over so broad a range, and the almond made the scoops more generous & less precise anyway.

So, now we have chocolate crinkles, lemon bars, cheesecake bars, peanut butter cookies, date fingers (more like filled pastry thingys....super for breakfast), and cherry cheese shortbreads. Yum!

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