Thursday, December 17, 2009

Grass Is Greener CSA Delivery

Today was the first of five deliveries from our membership in the Wisconsin meat/dairy CSA Grass Is Greener. It's a 6-month subscription, but we started a month late.

This month's winnings:
- sirloin steaks
- lamb loin chops
- ground pork
- cut up chicken
- whole chicken (missing parts) **
- lamb boneless shoulder roast
- sirloin tip roast
- smoked pork hocks

In addition, we bought a twelve-pack of yogurt and a carton of eggs. I'm not sure when we'll eat all this, since we're headed out of town, but it's a nice addition to the growing stockpile in our freezer. Also, I have no idea what to do with smoked pork hocks....I'm pretty sure I've never had them.

**This made me laugh...reminds me of the warning label on garage sale puzzles.

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