Sunday, December 13, 2009

Snowbound Cookie Challenge: Day 7!

We spent the late afternoon/early evening doing some grocery shopping and arrived home close to 9pm -- fortunately I had dinner in the crockpot ready to eat -- so once again the evening's cookie priority was to find something fast to put in the fridge to chill. I settled on sugar cookies (made with powdered sugar) and whipped them up while David put the baby to bed. I also found a recipe for some yummy-looking fudge squares that belong on the docket as soon as I have time (maybe Wednesday).

A few discoveries and observations for the day:
- Finally found the baker's sugar I suspected I had (it's a finely ground version of granulated sugar). Found coconut extract, almond extract, green and red decorative sugar, food coloring, and cookie cutters -- plus even more cinnamon, cocoa, and vanilla extract. Sugar cookies definitely seem appropriate under these conditions, eh? :) Cutting out cookies is definitely one of my fond holiday childhood memories. Too bad I don't have any rainbow sprinkles!
- My right hand seems to be having a reaction to either too much hand washing or too much exposure to wheat :/. The skin kinda hurts, and there are some red zones. This may turn out to be a problem, since I promised my sweetie that I'd make up some bread this addition to the cookies I owe myself for the challenge.
- 98 days 'til my due date, and I have this urge to organize my pantry and inventory my freezer. This might not seem tremendously odd in and of itself, but I am probably the least organized person I know (too much order makes me feel sort of defiant and irritable...good thing I never joined the military...but the idea of organizing cupboards and making up google spreadsheets of the contents of my freezer sounds perfectly logical and fun at present). I think I might be nesting...

Butter tally: 3 sticks
Egg tally: 4 eggs
Sugar: maybe 2 cups? Lotsa powdered, though.
Flour: plenty
Oil: plenty
Shortening: maybe 1/2 c?
Dairy: plenty -- powdered buttermilk, 1 c milk, whipping cream, evaporated milk
Goodies: cocoa, extracts, some leftover bits of chocolate candy, various spices, some dried fruit
Plus at least 3 cookie mixes.

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